Welcome to Stormspace, the home of the Stormwind Campaign!

The Plan


The plan is same as it was before and that is to put my entire game world online as a creative commons publication. It’s too large to get on all at once, so it’ll likely be going on piecemeal as I get time. I also don’t know if I’m going to stick with WordPress as a technology or try some other CMS. There will eventually be a forum where interested parties will be able to comment on the world as it evolves and make suggestions. I don’t expect very many people to be on the site, but if you do please create an account and comment about what you like.

About Stormspace

Stormspace has been my personal campaign world since the late 80’s. First as a ground based campaign that was nameless but two things happened. First TSR published the Spelljammer rules in 1989 and shortly afterwards or before, I can’t remember exactly, Hurricane Hugo hit the east coast. That event sparked my imagination and thus was born Stormwind and later Stormspace as the world was expanded to include the region of space around Stormwind. The world itself in one form or another has been alive since 1984, and online as Stormspace since 1995. Initially it was one of the free pages one gets with an internet access account with a local provider, then to a regional provider called Netside, then Earthlink. and finally Bellsouth where it sat until a good friend offered to host it on his server. He even went as far as to register the domain name for me. Since then however he’s fallen on hard times and I’ve been forced to carry on without him. In all it’s incarnations the actual content of the world was hidden to all but a select few. That’s about to change as I hope to have the content I’ve been sitting on available soon.